70% of startup ideas suck. Yours doesn't have to.

Many startups fail because they didn't validate their idea first. We help solo developers validate ideas faster.

Validate my idea!

Will you join the startup graveyard?

We get it, it's scary to ask honest feedback on your precious project. Many startups fail because they didn't validate their idea first. Before you code, we help you refine your idea without overwhelming you.

Validate my idea!

Our approach

Who's your target customer?

A clearly defined target customer is the foundation for idea validation. Whether they reside on social media or you need to reach them offline, with our tools and templates you can reach them more effectively. Added benefit: When solving a real customer problem, coding will be even more fun!

Mockup of customer screen

Which problem will you tackle?

With a good understanding of your future customer, you will now need to refine the problem. We provide you with clear evaluation criteria, let you list and verify assumptions. Decide easily whether to pivot or kill your current idea till you find that golden nugget.

Problem screen to evaluate customer problems

What's your solution?

You thought you'd start coding by now? Until a customer buys your solution, you did not complete your validation journey. Sketch out your idea, make mockups and define an MVP with our off the shelve resources. Your MVP can be as small as a survey or a landing page. We'll make it possible with no-code. This is also the moment we will prioritize and tackle other risks and define success criteria for your validation experiment.

Example of a sketch to landing page conversion

There will be tough times

More than anything, startups fail because developers gave up too soon. We'll keep you motivated, keep you going and beat the competition. Regular check ins and easy motivational reading will ensure you have the energy to succeed.

The motivation screen checks how people are feeling today



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Side hustle

Iterative self-coaching

1 h/month personal coaching

All tools and templates


We're a little different than the rest. We know that every startup is unique, and that coaches are expensive. But you don't need dedicated coaching for every stage. We have standardized idea validation so you can iteratively validate your idea. After all, you know your target market the best!

We employ techniques from Agile, Lean Startup, The Mom Test, Product Management good practices and a sprinkle of User Centered Design. With 2 years of product management experience for a scale up, 1 year of offer development coaching and numerous startup failures (we call them learnings) we have seen what works and what doesn't.

At this early stage, we are defining the offer and validating customer demand. We are currently signing up early adopters in our waiting list.
Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who gets to try out our early version! Even though our tooling is limited, we are already supporting alpha testers while we develop a complete set of useful tools. This method of validation is called a Concierge MVP. The goal is not to fool you. We're trying to be as transparant as possible.

Get your spot on the waiting list, and co-create what Validat.r will look like in the future!

Who are we?



Product Manager

“ Your Minimal Viable Product can always be more minimal ”

Toon is a developer at heart and knows it's hard to always put the customer first. As product manager he delivered incremental value for his customers with minimal engineering waste. Toon will help you build a successful startup with the right help at the right time.